What is Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

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Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

Search Engine Optimization is in some ways, your websites social interaction in cyber space. The first time someone comes across your website it is the first impression that counts. You have 10 seconds or less to grab the site visitor’s attention and create a rapport with them that will lead them to your end goal or ultimate outcome that you are hoping to achieve from your web site.

It All Starts Here

Before your potential new customer arrives at your site and decides to interact with your virtual business. There are a lot of scenario’s that play out behind the scenes. In some ways you could liken it to the heaven’s aligning. But what if you could make the heavens align anytime you wanted?

Search Engine Optimization

SEO is about making cyber space heavens align for your website. If you have ever come into contact with astrology, then some of what we are about to talk about will be easy for you to understand. Often with search engine optimization work we talk about links raising and falling in authority, the affects it will have on other connecting pages or websites. Similar to planets rising and falling and the effect one will have upon the other.

Influencing the Search Engines

The good news is you can influence cyber space to align your website with what your potential customers are seeking or searching for. The influential impact of your website on that of the search engines is left for you to make. You or your website SEO specialist can create, interact, share, educate and engage your customers with information.


Search engine optimization is a group of differentiating factors all brought together to elevate, separate and differentiate your web page or site from everyone else’s. Search engines today look for unique engaging information that can best suit their users. They, the search engine companies such as Google, Bing, and Yahoo etc., have very specific metrics that they apply to the overall algorithms that return search results. We will discuss more in depth about search engine search parameters later.

For now we will touch lightly on the aspects of what contributes to great SEO for your website. After all we need to lay a foundation on which to build from. These fundamental topics will help you understand some of what is required and give you an understanding of where to go from here. Knowing what is ahead is always good and the first step of any journey is the hardest.

Off Page SEO

This is an all encumbering area that affects everything about your website. We are talking here about back links and page metrics. If you gain back links from undesirable areas your ranking will fall. Gain them from natural associated relevant sites and your rankings go up. But we also have to take into account trust flow factors as well. Off page search engine optimization can be a potential nightmare but if you acquire a good understanding of how it works you will avoid the pit falls.

On Page SEO

On page SEO is quite a large area. So we will break it down into smaller bite sized chunks. Each of these areas has their place in the overall picture. Some carry more weight than others but all are designed to work in conjunction with each other. Each piece locks together like a jigsaw puzzle forming a strong bond for your on page SEO, which helps you to deliver better more relevant search result and user experience.

Keyword Research

KR is the foundation of all good on page SEO. The correct keywords can give you a huge search engine optimization jump start within both on page and off page SEO. Select the incorrect words you can be losing your resources concentrating in too trickier words to rank for.  Keywords can be targeted as you grow your onsite credibility with the search engines.

Title Use

Title of your page is essential to get right. You have to make them human friendly and provoke curiosity. The correct use of H tags is very important. Most people do not know when to use the H1 or H4 tags correctly. If you do not understand how to use them how will the search engines know what is important and what is not?

Page Formatting

You have to use the correct page formatting. Images and videos need to have the correct tags attached to them so that the search engines know what your images and videos are about. Remember search engines cannot see pictures nor can visually impaired people. Correct forming of these areas can enable your images and videos to be seen.


Linking from within the page to web pages deeper in the website and external pages are fundamentals of on page SEO. But do you know where and how to do these links? Should they be follow or no follow? Does it even matter? What about anchor text as opposed to textual links? Links are important and can give you credibility when done correctly.


Does your menu system help visitors navigate your website easily? Website navigation is crawled by search engine spiders and should follow a logical easy to follow linking system that allows users to gain access to the information they require quickly and easily. Also does it help them understand where they are at any given moment within your website?


Site maps help humans as well as search engines make sense of your websites over all layout. They can enable the crawling of your site to index it faster to help rank you quicker. They can also make it impossible for search engines to crawl your site and so hinder your efforts to rank. Set out and in the correct format will help your site be better crawled and make navigation of it simpler. So you see search engine optimization is important.

What is Search Engine Optimization (SEO)
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What is Search Engine Optimization (SEO)
Search engine optimization helps your website rank in the search engines. SEO affects your placement in searches that people do through the search engine search bar. Search engines return the most relevant informational web pages that rank highest for their requirements.
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