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Today the importance of building high quality links has never been more important. Designing a campaign that addresses your businesses needs and delivers these high quality links is of paramount importance. Link building is about quality links that point to relevant information that will increase the readers value. 

Acquiring hyperlinks form other websites back to your own is known as link building or back links. Some of these links can be damaging to your website and online reputation whilst others can be of huge benefit and catapult your website into the next realm. There area also many techniques for building links some simple and some difficult.

Generally speaking the higher quality links you have pointing to your website the higher your position will be in the search engines. That also relies heavily on other SEO factors such as content, social media influences and also relevance.

Back links also incorporates a highly desirable point for SEO which is called anchor text. This text is often over looked but is of major importance as it helps build your online marketing efforts via search engine searches and relevance.

Types of Links

There are several types of links and some links are the holy grail of links. We as an SEO company find you only the best links so your online presence can soar.

Link Building Campaigns

Our link building campaigns are designed to be natural and tie closely to your website content, news, products or services. There are several facets to a link building campaign some of which are of higher importance than others. Knowing which to use and when are essential through out any campaign.

Link Building Metrics

Knowing the metrics behind links that you are contemplating linking to are essential. They can help you decide the value of a potential link and if it is worth pursuing to acquire such a link within your over all plan of action. Link metrics also play a big part in link profile analysis known as an holistic report, which become of high value when researching a competitors website or your own.

Good and Bad of Link Building

If you are building a business online chances are you are doing it for the long haul. So you need to know the link building you do is only the best high quality links. Built with white hat techniques and not back hat that is going to get your website penalized. Our link building team only where white hats!

If you want 5 star back links then come talk to us about link building for your website.

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