Minecraft || Mo’ Creatures – How to tame Cats || Tiger, Panther, Lion, Leopard

Frequently Asked Questions:- 1. How can i get the to follow me? Use rope so they follow you! Rope recipe:- i.imgur.com 2. How do i make a whip? Whip recipe:- i.imgur.com 3. Can you breed them like horses etc? No, not currently 4. How do i heal my big cat? Throw raw pork or fish onto the floor and wait for them to eat it *INFO & LINKS* World Download Link:- adf.ly Texture pack: adf.ly Mo’ Creatures Mod Link:- www.minecraftforum.net Welcome to my latest Mo’ Creatures guide! In the video i will cover the basics and general info of taming the big cats which was a feature added recently to the Mo’ Creature mod by Dr. Zhark! Hope you enjoy this video! I have many videos covering this mod, other mods and general tips and techniques for everyday minecraft tasks! Thanks for watching
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